Welcome to Skilled India S!

SKILLED INDIA S is one of the organization in India, created with a vision to educate, people in Industry environment. SKILLED INDIA S is committed to provide high end quality education, training and expertise to enhance the intrinsic abilities of the students and promote their skills. Main motive is to arrange a sound academic environment with the help of industry for a complete learning experience. This is to ensure all round development of students. SKILLED INDIA S provides state of art technical & infrastructural knowledge and motivate students to realize their potential.

The objective of education is associated with employment as it ensures a positive attitude to see the universe form better angle and to analyse, determine and apply an individual's ideas in a constructive development of society.

SKILLED INDIA S provide help to the socially backward, economically poor and needy students by way of sponsorships and scholarships for their studies. SKILLED INDIA S is committed to arrange an international exposure to the students, for better participation in the growth of country.

SKILLED INDIA S MISSION SKILLED INDIA's Mission is to develop skilled manpower through diversified courses to meet the requirements of mainly the organized sector and to prepare for the world of work in general through a large number of self-employment oriented courses, not precluding wage employment of many courses. Through diversification in to the production and service-oriented course, it is desired to reduce the aimless pursuit of higher education and thereby reduce pressure from the tertiary education.

SKILLED INDIA S VISION To be a unified institute, acknowledge universally the leader in flexible teaching and learning and well-focused research, contributing strongly to the sustainable development of the region and communities and assisting the third world countries for studies, training and research in the various fields and focus on the most current problems of the World and on the remedial actions to be taken.